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Paskapoo Poplar

Populus balsamifera Paskapoo

  • A dwarf poplar only 7m high and as wide
  • Very lateral branching habit makes it resistant to spring snow damage
  • Young wood dark red, tight buds with short internodes
  • Shiny dark green leaf with a strong ‘balsam’ odor
  • Very stumpy, dwarf characteristic
  • Interesting male flower in the spring if you watch for it

Landscape Use:

  • A small poplar for smaller urban yards
  • An interesting winter plant with its lateral branching habit
  • Very exotic look when in full leaf
  • Likes full sun and a dry site

Special Conditions:

  • Paskapoo Poplar is a Bow Point Nursery introduction, COPF registered
  • A poplar which resolves all of the other poplar issues due to its dwarf characteristics and native drought tolerance
  • Will not do well in wet sites, so do not irrigate
  • Performs well in a mulched bed
  • Will only sucker if the roots are disturbed