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Little Blue Clematis

Clematis occidentalis

  • Low vine to 2m long climbing trees and shrubs or trailing along the ground
  • Sizable simple green leaves with a smooth margin
  • Large blue flowers 3-5cm across bloom upside-down in early spring to mid summer
  • Clusters of tiny seed with single long silky wings dispersed by the wind

Landscape Use:

  • Provides a lovely option for shady understory or north-facing sites
  • Very ornamental native small vine that will add interest and beauty to spaces that are often neglected or bare
  • Unique four-season features include large blue flowers that give way to unusual seed heads which remain on the vine through the winter
  • Performs best in partial or full shade

Special Conditions:

  • The native clematis is hardier than most cultivar clematis on the market today
  • A shady understory plant