Essential Oils

We decided years ago that there are many useful materials produced by a multitude of native plants – one of which could be the essential oil. We purchased a essential oil steam extraction apparatus for the purpose of exploring the possibility of extracting the oil of our plants. As we prune in the nursery, we chip the branches and leaves (or needles) and extract the essential oils of various plants.

Our favorites are Limber Pine – a light scented pine oil ; Lodgepole Pine – a pine tree in a bottle ; Alpine Fir – smells like Christmas in a bottle ; Paskapoo Poplar – a unique balsam scent

We have them available in fancy little glass vials at $5.00/ea

We can make custom but limited amounts for special orders – it is a seasonal product – more oil production in the fall than in the winter. We planted lots of small Lodgepole Pine on the property that we can use for oil production.