Rescue Wood

Rescue wood is a unique concept born of concern for disposal of arborist removed trees in the city. We felt there must be a better use of urban trees than firewood or landfill. We purchased as small bandsaw sawmill a few years ago to address the issue of waste wood. We can manufacture dimensional wood from logs collected from tree removals – one of our best acquisitions was a pile of logs from trees removed at the University of Calgary to make way for a building. We have made some beautiful pieces of furniture from the Elm trees killed in the name of progress.

We have made some remarkable benches from spruce taken down from sites in which they were not the best tree for the site – see also substitutions. Often times a cute little spruce tree can take over and dominate a site – if this the case , the tree then can become furniture – rescued from the landfill or the firewood pile.

Rescue wood bench