Willow Stakes

Willow stakes make interesting fences and screens. We have, in the spring, willow stakes which are three to four foot tall for planting – usually close together ( 1 ft) that will root and form an attractive fence like hedge. These do require a bit of site prep to ensure success. We recommend a clean site free from grass and weeds, worked up to several inches deep with a good layer of mulch on top. The stakes are then inserted 1 to 1.5 ft into the soil. Keep the willows damp until leaves appear. We can do a variety of colours and species – the tall pink pussy willow and the purple Louise willows seem to be the most successful.

We can provide larger numbers of the Sandbar willow for river bank and pond side plantings. The sandbar willow lends itself well to bank stabilizing – with its aggressive spreading habit, it will help naturalize moist slopes.