Reclamation Industry

Custom contract growing: We collect seed and/or cuttings from specified sites to be propagated and grown in the nursery to specific sizes. This method of selective growing will ensure genetic integrity to an ecosystem. Seed source is one of the most important aspect of hardiness in plant material – the hardiest / best suited plants come from those propagated from an area into which they will be returned.

Plant and habitat design: We have been collecting seed and cuttings from Southern Alberta for 20 years. We have a strong idea of what plants and their densities should be designed into specific habitats. This service will ensure habitats and ecosystems are designed and planted to replicate the natural systems as they evolved.

Planting and design implementation: We can plant your site, to your or our specifications. We have a line of soil amendments and wood chip mulch to contribute to the success of the project. We plant to our own reclamation standards, which with adequate design components will ensure a successful project.