Landscape Consulting

We are happy to help you achieve success with your landscape – urban or rural. We have a vast amount of experience and knowledge that can aid in the creation of a living space you will be proud of and comfortable in.

The first step is to tour our nursery – let us show you around. You need to take a look at the plants we grow to determine which ones are your favourites, the ones you can’t live without. We’ve been growing on this site for 23 years and have lots of permanent plantings that showcase a variety of species. We also have planted areas around our own house that show off a multitude of plants, arrangements and processes.

Once you determine the plants you love, we work with you to develop concepts and ideas. We’ve worked on and created yard designs, but have come to the conclusion that it’s not the best method – a landscape grows out of your ideas and needs. A landscape should fit your lifestyle and your ideals, not somebody else’s idea of what is best. Remember: Landscape for yourself!

If you need further assistance to create your landscape, we can arrange to meet you at your site for a consultation. The cost of this service will vary with the time of the year – we are very busy in the spring and the summer, but are more flexible in the late fall and the winter. Winter is the optimum time to plan, spring and fall are the best times to plant, and summer is to be enjoyed in the shade.

We have also had great success in reworking existing landscape plans to accommodate our plants.