Why we don’t post our price list

We do hear about the fact that we don’t post our prices. There are several reasons we don’t have the price list on the web site. The main reason is we firmly believe plant choices should be quality based as opposed to price based. We can not and have no desire to compete with the box stores on pricing. It is easy to compete with garden centres, box stores, hardware stores, or grocery stores on quality. Ask any of those who offer plants for sale about their seed sources – and you will be met with blank stares. Ask us about our seed source and you will be overwhelmed with the stories about seed collecting, growing seedlings and testing a multitude of plants within the nursery – all of our plants have a history, whether you want to hear the details or not.
Other reasons vary from just too lazy to put together a price list to the need to retain flexibility with our pricing – we might lower our prices if we really like you.
So for now, we don’t feel the need to post prices – we can show you around and look at the plants which will be available for the season and give you an idea of costs. Remember, we do have the basic philosophy of ‘ Cost is no object when it comes to plants’. As you can tell – it is easy for us to say.
If cost is an obstacle to purchasing good quality plants, ask about our smaller sizes – we do carry a lot of our plants in plugs sizes – a really quick easy way to start a good landscape. Small plants grow, soon your landscape will look as if you invested vast sums of cash into it. We can show you our landscape and how it has changed in the last 10 years – from small plants to forest in a relatively short period of time. Smaller plants need smaller holes when installing.
We do also feel that a good landscape is always changing and never done. That takes some pressure off to finish everything all at once – stretch it out , enjoy the process.
Thanks for reading this – now come for a visit before the next snow storm !

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