//Green / Slide Alder (Alnus crispa)
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Green / Slide Alder (Alnus crispa)

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Landscape Use:
You can use this where you want a screen that has a nice deep, dark, dense green look.
Green alders have a pretty form in winter and the silvery grey bark creates winter interest.
Small birds like finches and chickadees eat the seed throughout the winter.
Flexible in exposure, will grow in full sun or shade.
Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens.
A nitrogen fixer

Special Conditions:
Requires some supplemental watering.
Place near downspout or in lower wet areas.


Product Description

Multi-stemmed plant to 3m tall and 2m wide.
Dark shiny green leaves in the summer.
Persistent catkins; male and female catkins on the same plant start blooming in late winter or very early spring; female catkins cone-like 1-2 cm long, persistent after seed has shed, hanging in groups of 3-6.
Smooth grey bark similar to River Alder.


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