//Sandbar Willow (Salix interior)
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Sandbar Willow (Salix interior)

Landscape Use:

  • Use where a fine textured, tall, graceful plant is required to fill larger areas.
  • Full sun.
  • Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens.
  • Native pollinators (bees) feed on the early flowers.
  • Planted along stream bank edges for reclamation, erosion control and naturalization.
  • Flood resistant.
  • A useful planting around ponds and dry riverbed landscape elements.

Special Conditions:

  • Suckers freely.
  • We have a patch in the nursery which we’ve tried to keep under control for the past ten years. Use with extreme caution. Once you plant this, you will have it forever.


Product Description

  • Will grow 3-4m tall, and half an acre wide.
  • Forms tall dense clumps.
  • Branches have an individual upright growth habit.
  • Dark green leaves are long and slender, which gives the plant a very fine texture that looks good in the wind.
  • Small, fairly insignificant pussy willow (male catkin) that appears in late spring.
  • Winter wood is a subtle pinkish to orangey


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